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Easy Pricing.

No Hidden Costs.

The Brilliant Brand Blueprint

Refresh and refine your brand identity and story

Your Custom Story Wiz GPT

Streamline content creation with your own GPT to make writing easier

Your Unique Design System

Show up consistently across all platforms with your own brand guide

Your Signature Series Showcase

Get help creating and refining your own IG Reels series

The Magic Marketing Method

A marketing playbook designed to help you reach your revenue goals

The Mystic Masterclass

The coaching, community, and commitment you need to succeed

The Story Wiz Has Everything Included

Stand Out From Your Competitors
Grow Your Audience
Streamline Content Creation
Gain Predictable Revenue
Join A Community Of Entrepreneurs 
Get Coaching Every Step Of The Way
Scale To Financial Freedom
Avoid getting lost in the crowd
Prevent shrinking reach
Eliminate time-consuming processes
Avoid uncertain and fluctuating income
Escape isolation and lack of support
Stop feeling lost and overwhlemed
Don't Stay Stuck In A Rut!

Start Your Success Story Now

At Kelectrix, we believe in making high-level marketing strategies accessible and understandable. Our Story Wiz System simplifies the complex, ensuring you have a clear path to revenue growth without feeling overwhelmed. Let's craft a story that resonates, engages, and leads your business to its next chapter of success.

Then pay just


After the initial setup, a modest monthly fee unlocks continuous growth, personalized coaching, an engaging entrepreneur community, and dynamic content, all fueling your journey to success.

Get started for a setup fee of $4,995

Kickstart your journey with us for an initial setup fee of $4,995. This one-time investment covers everything needed to tailor our services to your unique business needs. From creating a customized brand strategy to setting up your design system and custom GPT, we ensure every detail is perfectly aligned with your vision. This upfront fee paves the way for your future growth, laying a solid foundation for your success.

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